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One API for Thousands of Retailers. Integrated Crossborder solutions.

Two Tap’s mission was always to enable seamless ecommerce transactions to happen remotely. To empower your shoppers to purchase any product online as fast as possible and to make 3 stakeholders happy: Shoppers, Publishers and Retailers.

Pass-Through Model

Featuring a next gen Pass-Through model that allows you to operate rich shopping experiences with no complex payments responsibility or inventory and order management. Whenever Two Tap’s Gateway sends an order our publishers get access to sales data and analytics while merchants continue to process payments just as they would normally.

The Pass-Through model allows the same functionality and feature set to be available for thousands of supported merchants. This helps our publisher partners to focus on their products and app experiences while Two Tap removes the complexity of automating order placing and increasing the conversion rate.

*The Pass-Through model applies for all domestic orders placed through Two Tap. For cross border orders Two Tap becomes the merchant of record in order to take on fraud risk as well as the complexities of fulfilling orders overseas.

Types of Integrations

Two Tap is powered by a robust API platform that can send orders to thousands of merchants. Choose the best suited experience for your product, from one line of code integrations to full blown shopping carts built directly on top of the Two Tap API.


How it Works

Two Tap’s mission is to provide your users with 100% accurate product information in order to facilitate purchases at the point of discovery. Our publishers use Two Tap’s tools to tap into thousands of merchants through a single API infrastructure that abstracts all the complexity out of the ecommerce space.

One API Integration

Feature sets are unified to eliminate having to integrate multiple APIs. The right tools are at your fingertips to build a seamless checkout experience.

Seamless cross border capabilities

Two Tap Crossborder brings any US product to your client’s doorstep with incredible ease of use.

100% Correct Attribution

Orders originate in your app or website, allowing Two Tap to accurately attribute sales and commissions back to your affiliate account.

Consistent Selling Across Channels

Two Tap works on both mobile and desktop experiences and allows publishers to efficiently products in any environment, without having to maintain complex integrations.

Network Compatibility

Two Tap works with your existing affiliate networks and programs. The Two Tap Gateway allows you to track and 100% correctly attribute sales on 3rd party affiliate networks.

Customized Checkout Experiences

Using the Two Tap API, publishers have the ability to customize the look and feel of their own checkout experience.

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