Mobile. 48% of the traffic, 21% of the sales.
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Mobile commerce in your app

The missing piece in mobile commerce is here. With Two Tap your users can now shop any product straight in your app or website with amazing convenience.
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API & HTML Interface

The Two Tap API increases affiliate revenue with the real-time product data (price, options, availability) and a clean, responsive HTML5 interface for your users. With an attached wallet, Two Tap IS mobile buying.

Branded checkout interface

With minimal branding, the Two Tap interface is seamlessly integrated in your product and can follow a custom CSS file for design cues. Sleek!
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Mirrored error handling

In the scenario none of our additional data validation systems helped, Two Tap brings errors & notifications in front of the consumer in realtime to aid in fixing them. Declined payment? Shoppers will know.

Service continuation

Two Tap constantly monitors checkout processes for supported retailers for changes in their structure. Alongside the Concierge service this assures broken experiences are kept to a minimum and your integration is always up to date as we work for you in the background.
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Phone authentification

Shoppers shy away from remembering new passwords but no one forgets their phone number. By just entering their email shoppers can retrieve their wallet data by confirming a code received by SMS. With a 2 step security process that includes confirming with their CVV code, Two Tap offers the best in both convenience as well as security.

Address verification

Two Tap confirms and suggest address formats before going forward with an order. This decreases both the chance to get an error as well as any problems related to delivering a package.
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Two Tap Concierge

In our commitment to leave no cart behind, if a problem persists with an order shoppers can choose to be contacted by a dedicated customer support team. Telephone and email support are currently available as part of our normal service.

International orders

Because Two Tap never processes a shopper’s payment it’s a truly global solution. On a per request basis Two Tap can fulfil international orders for select retailers. Contact us to learn more.
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No payment processing

Two Tap never processes payment for consumers. That means they never pay more than they would on the retailer platform and it’s fully compatible with any payment provider the retailer currently uses.

Two Tap buying

Goodbye checkout forms! The Two Tap Wallet stores frequent shoppers buying data in a secure environment and allows them to re-use it the next time they buy.

The data is stored in a PCI DSS environment and can be used to order products with any supported retailer.
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The API Interface
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