Ecommerce solutions for today’s challenging ecosystem.

Two Tap helps retailers work with any external partner, pain free. Choose from international marketplaces, apps and partner websites and start delivering to a global audience with Two Tap Crossborder. No risk, no technical integration required.

No time to invest in lengthy integrations with each external partner? Two Tap can help.

Our core technology is the Two Tap API. Apps, websites and partners usually ask retailers to integrate with their technology to receive orders. This is a lengthy and costly process that requires maintenance and doesn’t scale for retailers. We’ve made this easier. The Two Tap API requires no integration for the retailer. Join thousands of retailers by signing up to get access to the Two Tap Dashboard where you can manage your activity.

Two Tap Crossborder enables any US retailer to sell their products to international consumers in local experiences on third party marketplaces. It’s risk free for the retailer and Two Tap becomes the merchant of record.

Selling your products outside your traditional channels has never been easier! With universal technology that requires no integration and gives you full control over remote buying channels, Two Tap makes it easy to navigate the distributed commerce space.

Tap into Crossborder opportunities

Allow international communities to offer your products to their audience. Two Tap takes the risk and does the legwork, bringing your products to new doorsteps worldwide.

No Integration Required

Just sign up to get access to the Two Tap Dashboard and enable partners.

Retailer owned customers

Domestically retailers fully own the relationship with the shopper, process payments and operate as usual.

Real-Time Product Availability

Two Tap’s advanced API checks the availability of each product before starting an order delivering an accurate experience to shoppers everywhere.

No Minimum Program Fees

No upfront costs, no minimum program fees. Free sign up to get access to affiliates and mobile apps today!

Secure Transactions

Two Tap is PCI Level 1 compliant resulting in peace of mind for both the retailer and consumer.

Pass-Through Model

In domestic transactions Two Tap's proprietary Pass-Through model allows retailers to process payments, retain complete customer data and remain in control.

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How Two Tap Works

Once you sign up, the Two Tap team builds an integration with your retailer platform. *Shopify stores are supported out of the box!

We offer affiliates and other partners all the tools they need to enable seamless checkout experiences that are consistent with your brand.

Enabling Two Tap Crossborder will allow you to seamlessly address a global audience. Two Tap will order the products automatically from your site and handle shipping, taxes and fraud risk while making your international shoppers happier than ever.

Complete analytics and sales data wait for you in the Two Tap Dashboard. You can also approve, deny access or send messages to publishers in the Dashboard.

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