Extend the Shopping Experience and Start Making Money

Make products shoppable directly in your app or website in one checkout experience. Earn revenue from allowing your international audience to order products from thousands of supported US retailers.

Universal Checkout for the Entire Web. Global Crossborder Service.

Deploy a single & consistent shopping experience across your online properties today. Two Tap makes it incredibly easy to integrate our tools and services which bring products from US retailers straight to your consumer’s doorstep.

Integrate the Universal Shopping Cart and enable consumers to shop without leaving your app or website. Two Tap takes the full responsibility of displaying accurate information about products to consumers and sending fulfilling orders in a timely, reliable and secure fashion.

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Three Ways to Integrate Two Tap

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Two Tap API

One API. All merchants. Create customized checkout experiences. A unified feature set across all supported merchants making your job much easier. Built using the most advanced set of tools, real-time product data is delivered allowing shoppers to make accurate buying decisions.

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Two Tap Cart

Implement a seamless checkout experience keeping the consumer in your branded environment. Two Tap Cart works on both mobile and desktop and requires no integration or infrastructure maintenance by the retailer.

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Two Tap Instant

The simplest and easiest way to use Two Tap. Built for bloggers, magazines and content writers, Two Tap Instant allows direct selling of products directly in both desktop and mobile sites.

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Two Tap helps your users order any product with unprecedented ease of use. Our technology offers your visitors realtime information on products from thousands of US retailers. We facilitate sending orders both domestically in the US as well as internationally through Two Tap Crossborder. Our technology has been built with ease of use and flexibility in mind.

Two Tap’s Gateway and tools are powering rich shopping galleries and Buy buttons for a variety of premium publishers and partners. Here’s some of the most common use cases.

Join the Two Tap Gateway

Get paid directly for orders you send to select retailers. Integrate a single API for 1000’s of retailers using the most comprehensive set of tools. Upgrade your eCommerce experience today.

Affiliate Network Compatibility

Two Tap is compatible with your existing affiliate programs. Continue to monetize your existing relationships and experience increased conversion rates tracked inside Two Tap.

Supporting thousands of retailers

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