After five years, thousands of supported stores, millions of orders, and hundreds of millions in GMV, Two Tap is joining the Honey team to continue its mission of simplifying eCommerce.
As part of this new chapter, the Two Tap API and Hub will be discontinued for most of our customers as of May 15th, 2019.
Thank you to our customers, shoppers, retailers, and our investors. It's been a pleasure to work with you. We couldn't be more excited about what's next.
— The Two Tap Team

Press Corner

We believe in eliminating the friction of today's multi-channel path to purchase. It shouldn't be that complicated.

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News Coverage

Two Tap Helps Pitney Bowes Accelerate Adoption of Borderfree Retail Platform

Nov 10 2016

Two Tap provides Pitney Bowes – via one simple software integration – an order placement gateway for Pitney Bowes partner retailers across the globe to power their shopping sites while saving valuable time and money … Continue reading

These Y Combinator grads are reinventing ecommerce

July 25, 2016

Overseas customers were using Two Tap’s order consolidation feature to ship purchases from multiple vendors to international shipping services and then forward the package to their home address … Continue reading

CJ Affiliate Announces New Seamless Online Shopping Experience through Partnership with Two Tap

Oct 17, 2015

CJ Affiliate by Conversant today announced a partnership with Two Tap ( to provide the first e-Commerce Gateway that enables shoppers to purchase multiple products, from multiple brands or vendors, without requiring visits to multiple sites and multiple check-out transactions. … Continue reading

For Impulse Shoppers, a Brave New Retail World on Social Media

July 24, 2015

Impulse shoppers, welcome to a brand-new way to feed your fix. In the span of a few weeks last month, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram unveiled nifty new buttons that let users buy the must-have clothes, crafts and gadgets streaming by in their feeds. Google has its own button in the works, while Twitter has been quietly testing a “buy” button since last September. The age of social media shopping — a.k.a. social commerce — is upon us. … Continue reading

Social "Buy" Buttons and Customer Engagement

July 24, 2015

Some vendors have already emerged who are looking to disrupt the one-click purchase market before it even fully matures. One such solution, Two Tap, connects retailers and publishers through a streamlined “universal shopping cart” – making affiliate ecommerce even easier. … Continue reading

A Mobile Commerce Gateway for Better, Broader Merchandising in Two Taps

July 20, 2015

One of those emerging solutions has been Two Tap, a mobile commerce gateway whose API is currently being used by upward of 850 retailers and 1,000 publishers. That's impressive in such a highly competitive vertical. The Two Tap solution essentially makes it possible for merchants to sell directly through third-party applications, shopping malls, social networks and various discovery platforms. Essentially, it's the future of digital merchandising for many Internet retailers. … Continue reading

Why ‘Buy’ Buttons Will Pose Big Challenges for Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

June 14, 2015

One year ago, the idea of shopping directly from Google, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook was mostly unheard of. Today, these companies are hoping it becomes one of the hottest Internet trends over the next year. … Continue reading

Two Tap API Readies Black Friday And Cyber Monday Searches

November 21, 2014

Landing pages highlighting featured deals, sales and specials are not always easy to set up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, because brands sometimes don't know the specials far in advance -- but brands are running out of time. Google needs hours to days to index pages serving up in search engine query results. Product availability and keeping links updated proves crucial, especially during the holidays. … Continue reading

Holiday Deals Start Early for Amazon

November 21, 2014

To get a running start on dominating holiday shopping dollars, Amazon will be counting down to Thanksgiving and Black Friday next week with steep discounts on electronics and tech gadgets. Black Friday may not be for another week, but Amazon's holiday specials are starting today.… Continue reading

Two Tap launches API to make sure the product you want is in stock

November 20, 2014

If you hate clicking to buy something after reading the product info — only to find it’s out of stock or the wrong size — a San Francisco-based company thinks its newProduct Availability API will help change that. “This is the first time an app developer can integrate with an API that … Continue reading

Universal cart maker Two Tap adds product inventory feature

November 20, 2014

Today Two Tap announced record growth data and launched its Product Availability API, the first automated product inventory solution that allows consumers to instantly see if their product selections (style, color, size, etc.) are in stock before placing an order inside any mobile app and shopping site. Having doubled its supported retailersto 450 over the past three months – the most of any online shopping cart – Two Tap is most effective way for mobile app developers and publishers to enable purchases directly inside their apps, instantly track inventory, and make money each time a consumer buys any product from any retailer. … Continue reading

Two Tap announces first automated product inventory solution for the entire Web, record growth data of its universal shopping cart

November 20, 2014

Today Two Tap announced record growth data and launched its Product Availability API, the first automated product inventory solution that allows consumers to instantly see if their product selections (style, color, size, etc.) are in stock before placing an order inside any mobile app and shopping site. … Continue reading

Two Tap On Ecommerce 'Buy' Button For Any Mobile App, Web Page

August 8, 2014

Engineers at Two Tap have developed an automated universal shopping cart that works with any product or application online, similar to Facebook's and Twitter's commerce "buy" buttons allowing consumers to make purchases from feeds and advertisements on their respective sites. … Continue reading

Two Tap raises $2.7M to push its universal shopping cart

August 7, 2014

Two Tap wants to be a quick and easy shopping cart for e-commerce sites, and it just raised $2.7 million. More wallet than check-out processor, Two Tap purports to complete purchases for registered users with just two taps (or clicks) on web browsers and mobile. Users can register independently with the service. … Continue reading

Two Tap looks to transform online shopping

August 7, 2014

Two Tap wants to change the way consumers shop online. The company just released Two Tap 2.0, an API that provides an automated checkout solution for consumers to purchase any product on any mobile application or website without having to go to a specific retailer’s website. … Continue reading

Two Tap Will Make Online Shopping Dangerously Easy

August 7, 2014

We are by no means newbies at online shopping. So why do the websites we visit on the regular treat us like we’re first-time customers every time we go to checkout? … Continue reading

Two Tap founders want to be masters of the universal shopping cart

August 7, 2014

The race to make buying online goods simpler is on as San Francisco-based Two Tap announced a $2.7 million seed round for its universal shopping cart. The idea is that shoppers can make purchases of real goods within apps, and publishers and retailers reap the rewards. … Continue reading

Two Tap’s universal shopping cart volume jumps as retailers, publishers sign on

August 7, 2014

Two Tap is helping publishers and retailers increase sales conversions for mobile and traditional online purchases via what purports to be the first checkout solution allowing consumers to buy any product from any retailer on any mobile app or Web site using a universal shopping cart. … Continue reading

Two Tap Raises $2.7M Seed Round For Its “Shopping Cart For The Entire Internet”

August 7, 2014

TTwo Tap, a Y Combinator-backed startup that aims to become the “shopping cart of the entire Internet,” today announced that it has raised a $2.7 million seed round from the likes of Khosla Ventures, SV Angel, Green Visor Capital, Ryan Petersen, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and Posterous co-founder Gary Tan, in addition to We Funder, Transmedia Capital and Digital Garage … Continue reading

Two Tap cuts out the middleman for in-app and on-site buys

August 7, 2014

Two Tap has released an automated checkout service that is designed to enable consumers to make purchases within apps and without leaving websites. … Continue reading

Two Tap cuts out the middleman for in-app and on-site buys

August 6, 2014

If they browse it, will they buy? Mobile social-shopping app Wanelo is looking to find out. Since 2011, Wanelo, an app and a website, let its millions of mostly women users upload product pictures of clothes, jewelry and other items from retail sites like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitter. To buy any … Continue reading