Two Tap's Pass-Through Model

Ensures realtime product information & availability and gives you full ownership of the consumer relationship. Our biggest innovation.

Why Pass-Through?

When we started Two Tap in 2013 we believed that distributed ecommerce should continue to give full control to retailer partners in order to succeed at an industry level. Two Tap’s API has always sent orders for retailers to process, from payments to standard email confirmations to customer support.

Our philosophy -- which is represented in the standards that we promote -- is that retailers need a reliable technology partner that is neutral and acts as an order gateway in order to be a universal solution. It should require no technical integration or maintenance, it should give retailers full control over new channels and it should offer publishers with the most advanced tools available.

Two Tap supports thousands of retailer platforms, offers a no lost order guarantee and powers rich, brand consistent, ecommerce experiences outside of traditional retailer shopping flows.

Starting 2016 Two Tap makes Crossborder, a new service, available to all it’s supported merchants. Two Tap Crossborder allows retailers to sell their products and address an international audience without the need to do a technical integration. In this new model Two Tap IS the merchant of record as we take on the fraud risk and complexities of international shipping. The PassThrough model does NOT apply to international orders for participating retailers.

How it Works

Whenever Two Tap is used to place a order, our Pass-Through model allows retailers to process payments and retain full sales data without maintaining an API. Two Tap’s Pass-Through model automatically and securely injects the consumer's order into the retailer’s platform, which means every process from sending the standard order confirmation emails to processing returns and customer support tickets happens just as it would normally for our partners.

Two Tap’s Pass-Through model is also fully compatible with existing affiliate programs. Orders placed through Two Tap feature full and 100% accurate sales data (our APIs are the ones placing the orders so Two Tap has the most reliable sales data in the affiliate value chain). By signing up for free to Two Tap you can enable seamless checkouts to your existing affiliates as well as tap into new premium publishers and partners that are exclusively using Two Tap’s technology.

Most importantly, joining Two Tap’s Gateway requires no technical integration or maintenance. As a retailer you only need to sign up in order to get access to the affiliates and start receiving orders from new clients.

*The Pass-Through model applies for all domestic orders placed through Two Tap. For cross border orders Two Tap becomes the merchant of record in order to take on fraud risk as well as the complexities of fulfilling orders overseas.

This state-of-the art process is seamless, reliable and scalable. The comparison table below has more answers:

What the Two Tap Pass-Through Model Does What the Two Tap Pass-Through Model Does NOT Do
Two Tap passes the full order information through to the retailer for processing. Does not require the retailer to maintain a API. No infrastructure maintenance.
Requires consumers to enter billing and shipping information only once. Two Tap does not process payments. The payments are processed by the retailer as they would normally if the consumer were to place the order on the retailer’s website.
The merchant standard order confirmation emails are sent once an order is placed. Two Tap does not market to your consumer and does not have a consumer facing brand.
Allows for customized checkout with your brand’s look and feel. A white labeled solution. Two Tap does not brand your shopping cart with the Two Tap logo.
Compatible with product catalog feed partners like Semantics3, Indix, Prosperent and others. Two Tap does not store and offer merchant catalog feeds. We use a built in real-time product availability API.
Delivers real-time product availability before an order is placed. Does not show expired product information.
PCI Level 1 compliant and passes along full customer and sales data to retailer. Two Tap does not process payments or sell your customer data.
Features 100% accurate attribution and sends full orders to retailer partners. Two Tap does not send leads or clicks. Only completed orders are sent through the Two Tap Gateway.
Two Tap works with any existing payment processor. Two Tap does not require retailers to change their payment processor.
Two Tap allows our merchant partners to fully manage the returns and customer support as they would normally. Two Tap does not handle returns and customer support on behalf of the retailer.

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