Retailers, increase your eCommerce inventory with US products

Use plugins for the most common eCommerce platforms to sell millions of new products.

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Are you a retailer with a significant national presence and want to increase your inventory?

Enable Two Tap Global Product Catalog and allow your customers to purchase products from hundreds of US stores.

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Supported platforms

Woo Commerce
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How it works

After you enable Two Tap's eCommerce plugin:

Choose inventory and markup the prices
Choose who handles the crossborder shipping
(Two Tap or yourself)
Start selling


up to 5 products


Unlimited Orders

up to 100 products


Unlimited Orders

Unlimited products


Unlimited Orders

For domestic orders or if you handle crossborder shipping, Two Tap will pay you 50% of the affiliate commission
$100 starting credit for paid plans & long term contracts

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What is Two Tap?

Two Tap connects US Retailers to companies that want to sell their products, in apps or sites, domestic or internationally.

What makes Two Tap unique?

Two Tap's technology allows US retailers to be part of the program without having to do any kind of integration work on their end. Meaning, thousands of US retailers will be supported soon.

Are all retailers enabled for Dropshipping?

About 150+ stores out of Two Tap's thousands of supported retailers have been enabled up until now.

How much does it cost?

Contact us for a quote. One thing to note, if you are using your own crossborder logistrics, Two Tap will split the affiliate commission with you, meaning Two Tap will pay you.

Can you add my favorite US retailer?

Yes, we add new stores all the time. Contact us.

Is markup allowed on products?

Yes, you can add your own pricing for any product.

Can I get support if I get stuck?

Sure! You can join our Slack channel or visit us on the Community Forum. We'll be there to guide you through the process.

What countries are supported?

Products can be sent to US addresses (and US fulfilment centers for CrossBorder shipping). In the next couple of months we plan on introducing seamless end to end shipping to a large number of countries.

Who handles payments?

Customers place orders through your regular WooCommerce/Shopify/etc setup. Meaning, they will pay using the payment methods you have set up and the money goes to you.

Two Tap buys products from suppliers using funds you deposit to your Two Tap account. Only after the customer order is placed will Two Tap go and acquire the products.

What about affiliate commissions?

With domestic orders Two Tap will refund 50% of the affiliate commission to your Two Tap account for future orders.
The affiliate commission varies based on the type of products and brand/retailer. International orders don't have any refunds.