After five years, thousands of supported stores, millions of orders, and hundreds of millions in GMV, Two Tap is joining the Honey team to continue its mission of simplifying eCommerce.
As part of this new chapter, the Two Tap API and Hub will be discontinued for most of our customers as of May 15th, 2019.
Thank you to our customers, shoppers, retailers, and our investors. It's been a pleasure to work with you. We couldn't be more excited about what's next.
— The Two Tap Team

Two Tap API

The most advanced set of tools and building blocks to enable complex ecommerce experiences

API Users

Who is it for?

Ideal API customers are large companies that drive more than $10M in yearly sales and want to optimize operations as they scale.

API Features

Our API can do a lot…

/product: Product Catalog

Two Tap offers rich product catalog data for some of the supported Suppliers. The API is also compatible with enterprise solutions like Semantics3 or Indix.

/cart: Real-time product availability

Two Tap’s advanced API delivers real-time product availability ensuring that the consumer is given the information needed to make smart buying decisions. Two Tap’s API supports real-time attributes such as image, size, color and price.

/purchase - Order injection

Two Tap’s core API benefit is being able to automatically inject orders at scale into supported supplier's ecommerce platforms, and offer the proper insight into all of the related operations. Each of our enterprise client's integration is unique and custom tailored.

… and also this

Shipping and sales tax estimates

The Two Tap API can deliver specific estimates for additional taxes on each order in advance, in order to know how much to charge a customer.

Coupons DB

Two Tap maintains a coupon database for hundreds of retailers, updated twice a day.

Two Tap Wallet

Two Tap's Wallet helps customers save their shopping credentials to make next orders easy peasy.

Commission Payouts

Our longstanding affiliate network relationships allow Two Tap to issue payout commissions for confirmed orders.

All this is powered by

Feature Set

Two Tap removes the complexity and variation in thousands of supplier sites and condenses it into a few easy to use endpoints which work the same across every site.

no lost orders

By using queues and failsafe triggers, Two Tap ensures that any unexpected event on the supplier site is handled gracefully and no orders are lost.

Pass through

The simplest payment method with the Two Tap API is the passthrough model which ensures that the customer's shipping, billing and transaction data is sent straight through to the supplier site for processing. No risks and no responsibility for resellers.

Sales Data

Two Tap logs relevant order data and provides it back to resellers and suppliers in easy to read graphs.

24/7 Support


One of the strongest assets of Two Tap, is our support team which is active 24/7 including a dedicated Slack channel for each enterprise clients.

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