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    Average number of products in a cart across network
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    Order value
  • 6.2 Million
    Products Enabled for Sale

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For Impulse Shoppers, a Brave New Retail World on Social Media

Impulse shoppers, welcome to a brand-new way to feed your fix. In the span of a few weeks last month, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram unveiled nifty new buttons that let users buy the must-have clothes, crafts and gadgets streaming by in their feeds. Google has its own button in the works, while Twitter has been quietly testing a “buy” button since last September. The age of social media shopping — a.k.a. social commerce — is upon us.

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Social “Buy” Buttons and Customer Engagement

Some vendors have already emerged who are looking to disrupt the one-click purchase market before it even fully matures. One such solution, Two Tap, connects retailers and publishers through a streamlined “universal shopping cart” – making affiliate ecommerce even easier.

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A Mobile Commerce Gateway for Better, Broader Merchandising in Two Taps

One of those emerging solutions has been Two Tap, a mobile commerce gateway whose API is currently being used by upward of 850 retailers and 1,000 publishers. That's impressive in such a highly competitive vertical. The Two Tap solution essentially makes it possible for merchants to sell directly through third-party applications, shopping malls, social networks and various discovery platforms. Essentially, it's the future of digital merchandising for many Internet retailers.

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